Mike Shiasko



I am retired Information Technology executive who, with my wife of 40 years Andrea, has lived in the Venice area for 11 years.  Post-retirement I have spent 6 years on my HOA Board, 7 years doing Sea Turtle Conservation work, and 3 years working in the political arena.


Do you support county wide election of all county commission seats?  Please explain your answer.

I do not support our current system of electing County Commissioners, Charter Review Board Members, School Board Members, or Hospital Board Members county wide.

I strongly support single member districts over county wide election as a more democratic and representative method of electing leaders in our large, rapidly growing, and diverse county.  Single member districts allow grass roots candidates to compete without need of raising large sums of money from special interests and require that candidates fully understand and fully represent the districts that they serve.  I would also be supportive of a hybrid model of single member and at-large seats.

Do you support changing the board from elected to appointed?  Please explain your answer.

Absolutely not!  Our Elected Charter Review Board was wisely put into place to act as a check and balance against a potentially too powerful County Commission.  Checks and balances in government are a good thing, something to be cherished and nurtured and not abandoned due to political expediency.  If I am honored by the voters with a seat on the Board, or not, I will fight to preserve this unique vehicle for direct citizens input into the structure of our County Government.