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Advocacy is support for or opposition to legislation or policies at the local, state or national level.  The League may only advocate for or against issues on which the League has taken an applicable position or principle.

We have two overall approaches to advocacy.
Programs for information/education for our members. Our LWV SRQ Events Committee works diligently to develop the program schedule. We traditionally have two meetings monthly – Food For Thought (1st Friday monthly) and Hot Topics (4th Monday monthly). Members are welcome to make attainable meeting topic/speaker suggestions. Topics are related to League positions, and particularly to our region.
Legislative Advocacy through paid Lobbyists and LWV FL Lobby Corps. For 2022, the 29 Florida chapters and State Committee Chairs reached consensus of focusing on six areas. These Legislative Priorities are:   
• Voting & Election Laws   • Redistricting   • Reproductive Health & Justice
• Education   • Environment & Natural Resources   • Health Care

The Sarasota League has active committees on four of these issues. Members are not restricted to these topics to pursue their interests. They may join other committees on the state level. Learn more at

How are legislative priorities set? The goals are based on:
  • Opportunities to make an impact
  • Member interest and commitment
  • Current political climate
  • Resources available to manage efforts effectively         
  • Priorities from 29 local Leagues and State Committee Chairs

Advocacy Donations

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2023 Education
Legislative Priorities

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  • Provide adequate and equitable funding for public education 
  • Oppose any public dollars for private school vouchers
  • Support a curricular framework with broad common standards to teach history of Holocaust, antisemitism, African American History and civics
  • Support legislation regarding charter schools and their capital outlays and assets
  • Support legislation that promotes diversity and non-discrimination

2023 Voting, Election Laws & Redistricting Legislative Priorities

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  • Remove voter suppression elements from SB90
  • Support automatic voter registration (opt-out system), same-day voter registration, improved online voter registration
  • Shorten time between book closing date and election to ten days
  • Ensure no further limitations passed on returning citizens' rights to vote
  • Ensure Fair District Standards are adhered to for Redistricting
  • Support public participation in Redistricting process and urge FL Legislature to conduct it in an open, transparent way

2023 Health Care & Reproductive Health & Justice
Legislative Priorities

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  • Expand access to health care including expanding Medicaid  
  • Support women's reproductive rights, privacy and access
  • Reduce disparities in health outcomes, particularly among minorities
  • Support medical community and local decision makers in following CDC COVID-19 guidelines
  • Defend against passage of any Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers ("TRAP") laws
  • Defend against taxpayer funding of anti-abortion/crisis pregnancy centers
  • Defend against passage of any barriers to abortion access

2023 Environment & Natural Resources
Legislative Priorities

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  • Support legislation focused on improving water quality 
  • Support funding for completing Everglades Agricultural Area and Florida Forever
  • Support resiliency and adaptation to Integrative Climate Change and Sea Level Rise
  • Support expanded solar and an electric vehicle charging network

REMINDER: Members are not restricted to the above topics to pursue their interests. They may join other committees at the state level.
Additional LWVFL committees include:
•  Gun Safety    •  Ethics & Campaign Finance    •  Immigration   •  Juvenile Justice    •  Poverty
Learn more at

League of Women Voters of Sarasota County

PO Box 18884

Sarasota, Florida 34276-1884