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As a young professional, I found myself in a unique position. Being a practicing RN, I saw challenges and opportunities that would make a difference within the medical field of my community. Having never run for office, I sought my fellow neighbor’s approval to elected me to serve on the board. Fortunately, I won the primary and continue to dedicate myself to keeping SMH one of the top public hospitals nationally.


Do you support having clinicians on the board?  Please explain your answer.

Yes. As an RN, I bring a unique background from the medical field to assist in SMH’s decision making process. It is vital to have experienced board members with various backgrounds that represent our community to deliver the best care to our patients.

How would you propose expanding mental health services to Sarasota’s uninsured?

Programs such as Judge Quartermaine’s Comprehensive Treatment Court is a great example of what our community is investing in locally to help our fellow citizens address mental health. Designing and implementing programs specifically addressing this would provide the necessary care to individuals in various capacities. Addressing this problem would be beneficial to our community as it could provide the help an individual needs while alleviate pressure on other areas such as law enforcement. SMH should review available programs, budgets, and ideas to address this growing problem.

I would like to add that I encourage voters to check our our website at www.smhgop.com to learn more about myself and my fellow candidates.