Sharon Wetzler DePeters, ARNP completed her BSN and later her MSN as Adult Registered Nurse Practitioner at University of Buffalo. Her specialty was in Critical Care Nursing. The Veterans Administration Medical Center in Buffalo NY honored her with many performance awards including The Nurse of the Year Award while employed in the surgical intensive care unit there for 15 years.  She served on the FEMA disaster team during the Los Angeles earthquake.  Sharon volunteers her nursing expertise as an active member of the Medical Reserve Corps of Sarasota.  Most recently she retired after 14 years as Associate Professor of Nursing at State College of Florida.  As a commissioned officer, she served for 21 years in US Air Force Reserve Nurse Corps stationed at Andrews Air Force Base. She currently resides in Nokomis, with her husband and remains very active as Nurse Practitioner in the community.


Do you support having clinicians on the board?  Please explain your answer.

Evidence supports the assertion that Physician and Allied Health Professionals as Hospital Board Members greatly contribute to decision making in terms of quality of care, patient safety and overall health system performance, and I support that evidence.

How would you propose expanding mental health services to Sarasota’s uninsured?

Upon review of the issue here is what I found: Florida lawmakers this year did not consider Medicaid expansion. After a bruising debate over Medicaid that led to a budget stalemate in 2015, the expansion idea failed and long-time members predicted that a discussion wouldn’t come up again for at least three years. However, consider if the state of Florida had accepted the funds, the projected budget for our state in the next couple of years would be even direr than the projected deficit of $1.3 and $1.8 billion our state is facing currently. In order to provide the mental health services to those in need, the Legislature has issued a final decision to find alternative solutions and programs for those who do not have access to health insurance. This is the direction we as community leaders will bring to the table in an effort to provide the best care possible for our uninsured in need of mental health services.