Mike Moran (R)

BACKGROUND (limit 50 words or less):

Mike Moran is a common sense, straight-talking fiscal conservative. A man who has built successful businesses while providing for and raising his family in Sarasota. All of this while volunteering on numerous civic boards in service to his community.  Mike is truly dedicated to Sarasota County. 

QUESTIONS (limit 100 words or less for EACH question)

Do you support the Commission’s approval of re-zoning 4.5 acres of wetlands to allow the building of a Whole Foods on University Parkway?  Please explain your position.

I was not comfortable with how this project was administered.  More importantly, the underlying issue related to this project is the use of Mitigation Banking. When business owners, employers, and developers come to Sarasota County they need to have clear instructions on what they can and can’t do. If potential employers follow the guidelines set forth by leadership of the community and then are rejected, it sends a very negative message to future, prospective employers that may be attracted to our community.  

Do you support the dredging of Big Pass to renourish Lido Key?  Please explain your answer.

Unfortunately, the Sarasota Board of County Commissioners does not have jurisdiction over this issue.  The United States Army Corps of Engineers (CoE) and the State of Florida direct the management of this coastal project.  As a concerned resident, I would have liked to seen MULTIPLE alternatives and the pros and cons of each.  I am troubled at the lack of thoughtful discussion and debate on the matter.