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I was elected as a School Board member, served on a Port Authority Advisory Board and been on many civic & quasi-government boards. I have a very diverse background allowing me to relate and understand many different types of people and situations. I will serve as a Representative without pay.


Do you support using available federal funds to extend health care coverage to 600,000 working Floridians without healthcare coverage?  Please explain your position.

Yes, we should expand Medicaid. Complete quality health care should
be a right to all people. We should have Health Care and not Health for Profit. We need to eliminate the middle men, the insurance companies, which will take 20% of all medical costs by 2020. The 20% savings could go towards a universal health care system for all just like every other industrialized and developed country in the world. Insurance could be offered for a “Cadillac” health care program. This is America and no family should be financially devastated due to providing medical care to a family loved one.

Do you support a state ban on all semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity feeding devices, and comprehensive universal background checks?  Please explain our answer.

A person on the No Fly list should not be able to get a gun license but have the ability to prove they are wrongly on the list and be removed from it, a weapon proficiency exam is needed, we should close loopholes such as buying a weapon at a gun show or straw purchases, ban the purchase of firearms and ammunition on the internet, and support a more thorough background check that includes a mental health check. I stand with the Supreme Court on assault weapons and leave them the power to determine the right to bear any arms.