B.A. – psychology and English

M.A. – Urban & Regional Planning

5 yrs:  environmental policy consultant

25 yrs in local govt (Manatee Co.):   8 yrs. comprehensive planning; 17 yrs director of environmental management


Do you support county wide election of all county commission seats?  Please explain your answer.

No. I support election by single-member districts (with perhaps two at-large seats). Running a countywide campaign is prohibitively expensive for those without backing by deep-pockets special interests (e.g., development). Commissioners elected by district would also be more accountable to their respective districts’ constituents and make decisions based on the district’s unique needs.

Do you support changing the board from elected to appointed?  Please explain your answer.

No. An appointed CRB would serve little or no real purpose, particularly in terms of providing the public a venue for participating in their governance. The County Commission can already make changes to the Charter through a majority vote. There is a real risk that Commission-appointed CRB members would merely rubber stamp Commission positions/decisions. I see the move to make the CRB appointed rather than elected a move to limit public participation in local government and further the agendas of special interests.