Jody Hudgens


I have lived in Sarasota for 26 years. During that time I have served on the Sarasota County Planning Commission for twelves years (two terms as chairman), the City of Sarasota Police Pension Board for twelve years, The Salvation Army board for 15 years, and have been president and CEO of two successful banks in Sarasota. I feel with my government service and business experience I am uniquely qualified to fulfill the role of Charter Review Board.


Do you support county wide election of all county commission seats?  Please explain your answer.

Our county commission works best without single district elections. I have not been convinced in the whole that single district elections would be the best approach for all citizens of Sarasota county. I think it is best for our county to have five individuals that represent all the county and must be vetted by all county voters.

Do you support changing the board from elected to appointed?  Please explain your answer.

At this time no, however the CRB has agreed to study the matter to see if it is a worthy change to bring to the voters. Sarasota County government works – I do not see a compelling reason at this time to change how we do things.