Jody Davenport


Jody is an accomplished, highly skilled registered nurse who has earned a reputationfor being a well respected clinician who cares deeply about the patients in her care. Serving in her role as a committee member of the Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota Professional Practice Committee, Jody is a staunch advocate for ensuring therapeutic and effective patient care.

Do yousupport having clinicians on the board? Please explain your answer.

Yes, I absolutely support having clinicians serve on the hospital board.  The hospital board oversees the operations of our community hospital and clinicians offer a unique viewpoint that no retired businessman would be privy to. The board should represent the community at large. As an active, involved clinician and elected board member, I will continue my role as a voice for the most important person in the hospital, which is the patient.

How would you propose expanding mental health services to Sarasota’s uninsured?

We must continue to expand our community outreach programs to serve the needs of our community. The new residency program will offer exciting opportunities to explore. The continued collaboration with other existing programs will help to close the gap left by our leaders in Tallahassee. SMH serves as the safety net of our county and the new free clinic is a prime example of how to meet the needsof the uninsured and the underinsured. I believe that we can create teams of volunteer nurses and doctors to reach out to those in need, in their environment, and provide the tools necessary for recovery. To reduce costs, healthcare must move towards a prevention model and we must be the leaders and innovators in this revolution.