Since 2000 I have worked at the Pentagon on billion dollar projects, served two years at Central Command in the army, served a one year tour as a contractor in Iraq.   I retired from Central Command in the Intelligence business in 2012 when I moved to Sarasota.


What technological changes would you make to improve customer service?

Tax Collector customer service is excellent.  The question is how quickly does the Tax Collector’s office adapt its services to computer services, especially mobile interface.  The Sawyer Loop building will provide outstanding customer service.  How quickly do we need to focus on upgrading computer services?  The recent Citizens’ Survey gives customer service county wide –97% approval rating.  That has to be maintained while the automation upgrades especially for mobile apps takes place.  The Tax Collector’s office might consider leased building options to cut costs as fewer patrons will need to come to the office.

Do you support changing the Tax Collector election from partisan to nonpartisan? Please explain your answer.

I would have no problem making the Tax collection election nonpartisan.  I would however insist that the tax collector position have a term limit imposed to ensure that no tax collector stayed in office more than 2 terms.