Frank Alcock (D)


Background:  I’m a college professor that’s lived and worked in Sarasota for 13 years with my wife and twin daughters. Prior to moving to Sarasota I spent over five years working for Department of Energy and an additional six as a graduate student and Fellow at Duke and Harvard.

Do you support using available federal funds to extend health care coverage to 600,000 working Floridians without healthcare coverage?  Please explain your position.

Absolutely. There would be no higher priority for me that getting the working poor health coverage and overhauling the state’s approach to Medicaid. And we simply cannot do this without the tens of billions of dollars that the federal government has made available to expand Medicaid. With respect to reforms, the managed care approach adopted by Florida under Governor Bush has not served the state well. The recent lawsuit settlement is a testament to Florida’s failure to take care of its low income families and children. We need to do more to provide health security for all Floridians.

Do you support a state ban on all semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity feeding devices, and comprehensive universal background checks?  Please explain your answer.

I support both in principle but I am skeptical of the Legislature’s willingness to move ahead of the federal government on these specific gun law proposals. My biggest concern for the next two years would be slowing down or stopping legislative proposals to relax restrictions on concealed carry permits (campus carry, automatic permits) and/ or adopt open carry laws that incorporate language that encourage frivolous lawsuits and impede law enforcement’s ability to do their jobs. My principled stance on gun rights/gun control laws seeks to balance constitutional rights/weapons access with public safety and accountability safeguards.