Donna Barcomb


I’m a 30 year resident, married  with four sons, graduated  B.S. UCLA and M.S. Boston University, Junior League past president, current owner Professional Physical Therapy Center, elected three terms Sarasota County Hospital Board, (two years Chair), and elected  2012 Charter Review Board, last year its chair.


Do you support county wide election of all county commission seats?  Please explain your answer.

I support county-wide elections because I believe it is important for elected boards that address the needs of the entire county be responsive to the entire county.  When I was a hospital board member I supported the build of a stand-alone emergency room in North Port even though I represented the Central District.  Not only was it the right thing to do, but because I was elected by the entire county therefore responsible to it, not just the region I lived in.  Single member districts create a “silo effect” that is not in the best interest of the county.

Do you support changing the board from elected to appointed?  Please explain your answer.

I do not support an appointed board.  When the selection amendment was first presented to the CRB I voted against sending the amendment to special committee.  During the special committee meeting on August 28th, I once again voted against it.  The Charter Review Board has unanimously rejected the proposed selection amendment and there are no plans to revisit the topic.