rhanaRhana Bazzini began her walk to raise awareness about Move to Amend on October 13th in Sarasota. She’ll be reaching Tallahassee on Dec 2nd and we want to have a large contingent there to greet her and bring attention to the need to amend the constitution to declare “Corporations are NOT people and money is NOT speech”.

Planned Events:

December 2nd ~ (Evening) The movie Pay to Play *, All Saints Cinema Admission ~ $5.00, * Panel discussion following.

December 3rd ~ (Morning/Afternoon) Walk final leg of journey to Capitol, Go, Granny D! Performance by Barbara Bates-Smith & Jeff Sebens, and Potluck Party

In Tallahasee Rhana will be joined by Lawrence Lessig (NH Rebellion); John Bonifaz (Free Speechfor People) and David Cobb (Move to Amend).


Travel accommodations:

Buses are being organized to take people to Tallahassee. Pick up locations will be determined when we know the number of people traveling and from where. Call Jaime Canfield at 941-704-7782 for information and reservations. Approximate cost: $40 per person.

In Sarasota,we will leave early Tuesday, December 2nd and return by 11pm Wednesday, December 3rd. We will meet at 7:30am on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd at the UU Sarasota – they have agreed to let us leave our cars there overnight. Right now we have 14 people committed to going and we are looking to fill the bus with 55. Please announce the opportunity at your next meeting and in your email communications. Call me at 941-545-5635 if you have any questions.

Hotel accommodations: Right now Rae Claire has a $99 at the Sheraton Four Points hotel very close to where Events will be taking place. We can get a less expensive hotel if we are willing to be further away. The Days Inn is $50/night.

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