Election2016The League of Women Voters of Sarasota County is non-partisan and as such does not endorse candidates nor political parties.  We have always been committed to helping voters become informed and engaged through available methods.  All qualified candidates were contacted by email and asked to complete a questionnaire.  Once a candidate form is submitted, responses are published as submitted. They have not been edited, nor have spelling and grammar corrections been made. 

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US House District 16

Jan Schneider (D)

Vern Buchanan (R)

FL Senate District 23

Frank Alcock (D)

Greg Steube (R)

FL House District 70

Wengay “Newt” Newton (D)

Cori Fournier (R)

FL House District 72

Edward James (D)

Alex Miller (R)

FL House District 73

James T. Golden (D)

Joe Gruters (R)

FL House District 74

Manny Lopez (D)

Julio Gonzalez (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller

Todd Barton (D)

Karen Rushing (R)

Tax Collector

Barbara Ford-Coates (D)

Jim Bender (R)

County Commission District 1

Fredd Atkins (D)

Mike Moran (R)

Charter Review Board, District 1

Arlene Sweeting (D)

Joseph Antony (Tony) Sawyer (R)

Charter Review Board, District 2

Karen Collins-Fleming (D)

Robert Neff (Green)

Donna Barcomb (R)

Charter Review Board, District 3

Tom Patalano (D)

Pat Wayman (R)

Charter Review Board, District 4

Ray Porter (D)

Jody Hudgins (R)

Charter Review Board, District 5

Mike Shiasko (D)

David Samuel (R)

Hospital Board At Large, Seat 1

Kevin T. Connelly (D)

Sharon Wetzler DePeters (R)

Hospital Board At Large, Seat 2

Miglena Entcheva (D)

Tramm Hudson (R)

Reid Schwabach (NPA)

Hospital Board At Large, Seat 3

Cheryl Brandi (D)

Susan Tucker (R)

Hospital Board Central District, Seat 1

Jody Davenport (D)

William Noonan (R)

Hospital Board Northern District,  Seat 1

Delores McFarland (D)

Jim Meister (R)