Special Session announced and Court date Announced!

Legislative Special session will be held Aug 10-Aug 21, 2015. Redistricting Committees will work with staff only with all records filed to the Senate President and Speaker of the House. The first unveiling of the new maps will be on Tuesday August 11 in a joint session. Committees are:


House Select Committee on Redistricting: Chair Rep. Jose Oliva, R-Hialeah who is scheduled to become House Speaker after the 2018 elections.  Other Republicans are: Vice Chair Charles McBurney, Jacksonville; Carlos Trujillo, Doral; Dana Young, Tampa; Travis Cummings, Orange Park; Larry Metz, Groveland; Marlene O’Toole, The Villages; David Santiago, Daytona; and Jennifer Sullivan, Eustis.


Democrats are Mark Pafford, West Palm Beach, Reggie Fullwood, Jacksonville, Jared Moskowitz, Coral Springs, Irv Slosberg, Delray Beach. 


Senate: Republicans Chair Senator Bill Galvano, Bradenton; Rob Bradley, Orange Park; Tom Lee, Brandon; David Simmons, Altamonte Springs.


Democrats Vice Chair Chris Smith, Ft. Lauderdale; Audrey Gibson, Jacksonville; Bill Montford, Tallahassee.


The court date for both sides to argue the resulting maps is set for Sept 22, 2015


Today, Wednesday July 22, is the deadline for schedules of special session and trial to be presented in court.


Two additional comments:

This is a moving target…we will continue to update you as they occur, so stay tuned!


Finally, NONE of this, I mean NONE…could have been accomplished without YOU! I truly believe that each and every one of our members had a piece of this…whether you got a petition signed, spoke to 100 groups or mentioned it to your neighbor or fellow worker… This important issue is why the League exists today stronger and smarter than ever before!


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