House Bill (HB) 687 by Representatives Costello and Rehwinkel Vasilinda and Senate Bill (SB) 1328 by Senator Altman would open up the solar market in Florida by allowing home and business owners the option to enter into third party power purchasing agreements (PPAs) to buy solar power. This is currently illegal in the state.

While solar can provide all or a large portion of a home or business’ electricity needs, the panels and equipment typically cost tens of thousands of dollars up front to purchase and install. However, with a solar PPA, a solar company buys, installs, and maintains the solar system on a home or business and sells the electricity generated to the property owner through a contract, allowing Florida families and businesses to lock-in long term savings.

Florida is one of only four states where third party PPAs are not allowed, meaning our electric utility companies have no competition and a complete monopoly on energy sales. As a result, solar development in The Sunshine State has languished – halting the potential for thousands of well-paying solar jobs along the way.

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