finishThis is our last chance to convince our legislators to Finish the Job and Fund Water & Land Conservation. They return to Tallahassee for a 3-week special session on June 1. They will decide how to spend Amendment 1 funds, and they need to hear from you!

So on Saturday, May 30, join the Leagers and others for an hour-long rally to send our legislators back to Tallahassee with this voter-approved message:
– Fund Florida Forever
– Fund Everglades Restoration
– Protect our Springs

Unfortunately, there is no rally slated for Sarasota.  But if someone wants to organize one, let Corky Pezatti know at  The nearest one to us is at the Manatee courthouse.  I’m sure they would love to have some LWVSC members join them.
Bring signs and your creativity!

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