For more than two years, all 67 supervisors from every county in Florida have worked to educate our legislators on the unimpeachable merits and convenience of the online voter registration application.
For more than two years, a groundswell of support ultimately brought overwhelmingly bipartisan support. Why? Because it greatly reduces the cost of paper registrations and will hopefully increase voter participation as new voters are able to register from home, or riding in a car, or sitting in a coffeehouse.
Increased numbers of registered voters mean a greater proportion of our society may believe that their voices will be heard.
This letter is to publicly acknowledge and thank the Sarasota County supervisor of elections, Kathy Dent, for standing up with the other 66 supervisors. Thank you for your leadership.
Now it is up to Gov. Rick Scott to sign this bill and honor these efforts.
Judy Achre
President, League of Women Voters
of Sarasota County
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