Dear League Members and Supporters,

I am thrilled to deliver some very exciting news to all of you. Late yesterday afternoon, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis finally released his important decision on the constitutionality of Florida’s congressional districts. After a very lengthy lawsuit, Judge Lewis ruled that the congressional map drawn by the Florida legislature and adopted in 2012 is unconstitutional.

In his 41-page ruling, Judge Lewis found “that a group of political consultants or operatives did in fact conspire to maniuplate and influence the redistricting process.”

“They made a mockery of the Legislature’s proclaimed transparent and open process of redistricting by doing all of this in the shadow of the process… going to great lengths to conceal from the public their plan and their participation in it…..there was a secretive organized campaign, a shadow process of map drawing…which found its way into the enacted congressional map.”

The Florida League has been fighting for accountable government and fair districts for many years, and has never relenquished this battle through our decades of volunteer action. Judge Lewis was careful to note that the legislature “might have successfully concealed their scheme from the public had it not been for the plaintiffs determined efforts to uncover it in this case.”

I would like to recognize Ellen Freidin, Chair of Fair Districts Now, for her dedication to this cause and leadership of this coalition, Pam Goodman for spearheading the League’s Fair Districts work, and every one of you for your historic contribution to accomplishing this milestone. Of course none of this would be possible without the best legal representation in the country, under the direction of our dedicated and remarkable lead attorney David King of Orlando.

Relish this moment as we see our justice system at work handing down this exciting and historic result.

With unending thanks for your support and dedication,

Deirdre Macnab

LWVF President

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