Dear League Member,

Your help is needed NOW to stop guns on Florida college and university campuses. This Monday, February 16, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee will hold a hearing on SB176, proposed legislation that would OVERTURN the current ban on concealed weapons.

This bill will allow holders of permits to carry concealed firearms on all public college and university campuses.

WE strongly oppose overturning the existing ban and we need your voice to help stop this bill from proceeding one step further.

•I urge you to vote NO on Senate Bill 176 which would overturn the current ban on concealed weapons on campus.
•Campus Law enforcement and University presidents across the state agree: THIS IS A BAD IDEA
•They say it will make it more difficult for them to stop violence and add CHAOS to violent and dangerous situations
•Campus Suicide is already the third leading cause of death among young people ages 15-24. Suicide with guns is 85% “successful”.
•A new study shows that college freshmen are increasingly at risk from depression. Add alcohol and guns: University presidents and law enforcement say NO.

We urge you to listen to Florida’s college and university presidents, AND campus police departments: Please say NO to Senate Bill 176!

Please “copy & paste” and email all of the below Senate Criminal Justice and Higher Education Committee members:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Do not delay! We cannot allow this bill, or its companion–HB4005–to hit the floor of either house!

Please act today,

Deirdre Macnab
LWVF President

(407) 415-4559

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