Student board member Valeriya Zaytseva Valeriya did an amazing job putting together the Alphabet of Education. From the securing of the room at Selby library to students  holding posters in the library lobby directing people to the program, every detail was taken care of. Informational bulletins with the names of students speaking and the titles of their presentation were available for the audience.  Pens and pencils were even provided.
The students each spoke with poise and knowledge about their individual topic. What an opportunity for the adults present not only to gain knowledge about different high school programs but to be impressed by the poise and intelligence of the student presenters.
Hats off to the students and the faculty members who have worked with them through the years! This was a Forum to be proud of.  Thanks from the Sarasota League of Women Voters for making us aware that with young people like this and the programs they spoke of  the future looks bright.
Judy Achre, President LWVSC

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