For information on our local league’s initiatives re health care, please contact Mitzi Fiedler

The Florida League’s 2017 legislative priorities re education are:

  • Restore district authorization to levy 2.0 mills for capital outlay funding for school facilities construction and renovation.
  • Increase operational funding to pre-2008 levels so that districts may increase the school day and curriculum choices.
  • Revise the sole focus of the state accountability system from test scores to measures that more accurately reflect districts’ progress in raising student achievement, meet the needs of diverse students and improve access to high quality academic and career programs for all students.
  • Improve fiscal and operational oversight of charter schools by increasing transparency in student admission and retention data, ensuring the independence of charter boards from charter management companies and providing guidelines to reduce self-dealing opportunities in real estate transactions and other charter services.
  • Eliminate the growth of corporate-tax credit scholarships to private schools and require private schools currently receiving these scholarships to participate in the state accountability system.