By Valeriya Zaytseva, LWV of Sarasota County Student Board Member

On Thursday, October 9th, the League of Women Voters of Sarasota County teamed up with the social studies honor society, Rho Kappa, of Riverview High School to host a forum with 101 year old running candidate for Congress, Joe Newman. The turnout was fantastic, with nearly thirty to forty interested students!
Mr. Newman started off the forum with a speech on his experiences on government, with the emphasis of the philosophy of government – what do we, as a society, want for ourselves and posterity? With witty anecdotes and many references to historical figures, Mr. Newman was able to captivate the high school students and the adults.
After his wisdom of words, the students and adults actively participated in good natured debate over the topics of:
How does one evaluate government?
How does one define society?
How does one judge society from individuals and as one entity?
What is the government’s responsibility?
Is there ever a victor in war?
In addition, hot topics such as gay marriage, medical marijuana, ISIS terrorism, and Ebola care provided much discussion between the students themselves in deep analytical thought and educated comprehension. The students offered further questioning on the topics within themselves and then proposed resolutions with applied knowledge of history, civics, current events, and law.
By far, this event was an amazing experience in the light of students being proactive and concerned with the nature of their governors, and the astonishing ability that individuals of all ages and groups can come together under such important topics concerning our democratic government.
In conclusion, one student brought the idea to the table that society may be judged on how we, the people, treat each other. With Mr. Newman’s undying love and involvement with the government, this co-sponsored event was a success in engaging the younger generations with the concerns of the League of Women Voters of Sarasota County.

Valeriya Zaytseva
LWV of Sarasota County Student Board Member
STAR Community Youth Development
Riverview High School IB Junior


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