Each year LWVF chooses legislative priorities. Local Leagues are required to participate by coming up with their own list of 3 priorities. Using guide lines from the State program our Board made the selections for 2016. The LWVF will condense priorities chosen by local Leagues and give direction to our lobbyist on where to concentrate the efforts. These are the Priorities identified by LWVSC for 2015-2017

  1. Natural Resources in Florida: Land Use: Freshwater Resources:  Support public policies that promote conservation of freshwater and its availability for environmental, public supply, agricultural, industrial and mining uses on a priority basis.
  2. Social Policy in Florida:  Financing & Delivery of Health Care:  Support measures to implement Federal Health care in a manner consistent with the LWVUS position on health care reform.
  3. Government in Florida:  Florida Constitution:  Support basic law that assures a government responsive and accountable to the people of the state.